Episode 187 : OceanGate, Lottery Curse & McCormick Cipher

A deep dive into the missing Oceangate Sub Titan, along with the five passengers onboard and the strange things we uncovered. Also, upon winning the Lottery, is a curse placed upon you? Overwhelming evidence supports this theory. Finally, a murder mystery involving an odd cipher that the FBI has been unable to crack.

Lottery Curse Victims
Billie Bob Harrell, Jr.
$31 million - Texas 1997
As of 1999: Committed suicide in the wake of incessant requests for money from friends and family. “Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me."

William Post
$16.2 million - Pennsylvania 1988
In 1989: Brother hired a contract murderer to kill him and his sixth wife. Landlady sued for portion of the jackpot. Convicted of assault for firing a gun at a debt collector. Declared bankruptcy. Dead in 2006.

Evelyn Adams
$5.4 million - (won TWICE 1985 & 1986)
As of 2001: Poor and living in a trailer house. Gave away and gambled most of her fortune.

Suzanne Mullins
$4.2 million - Virginia 1993
As of 2004: No assets left.

Shefik Tallmadge
$6.7 million - Arizona 1988
As of 2005: Declared bankruptcy.

Thomas Strong
$3 million - Texas 1993
As of 2006: Died in a shoot-out with police.

Victoria Zell
$11 million - Minnesota 2001
As of 2006: Broke. Serving seven year sentence for vehicular manslaughter.

Karen Cohen
$1 million - Illinois 1984
As of 2000: Filed for bankruptcy.
As of 2006: Sentenced to 22 months for lying to federal bankruptcy court.

Jeffrey Dampier
$20 million - Illinois 1996
As of 2006: Kidnapped and murdered by own sister-in-law.

Ed Gildein
$8.8 million - Texas 1993
As of 2003: Dead. Wife drowned with his debts.
As of 2005: Wife sued by her own daughter who claimed that she was taking money from a trust fund and squandering cash in Las Vegas.

Willie Hurt
$3.1 million - Michigan 1989
As of 1991: Addicted to cocaine. Divorced. Broke. Indicted for murder.

Michael Klingebiel
$2 million
As of 1998: Sued by own mother claiming he failed to share the jackpot with her.

Janite Lee
$18 million - Missouri 1993
As of 2001: Filed for bankruptcy with $700 in assets.
McCormick Cipher