Episode 186 : The Las Vegas UFO

In May of 2023, A Las Vegas family claimed something crashed in their backyard, prompting them to call 911 about “non-human” beings. An 8-10 feet tall Alien looking creature was spotted by the family in their backyard. Prior to the 911 call, a Police officer’s body camera video recorded something bright green flying low across the sky and crashing to the ground.

Angel's 7 minute Video
Police Body Cam Footage (1:31 - 1:39)
Ring Cam Footage of Crash (1:47 - 1:55)
911 Call (3:41 - 4:24)
Arriving Police Officers body cam (5:01 - 5:18)
Large Circular Indentation Photo 1
Large Circular Indentation Photo 2
Doug Poppa Tweets
Doug Poppa Interview at Angels Home (24:41 - 29:09)
Photograph of Creature
8NewsNow Article
8NewsNow April 28th UFO Article
April 28th UFO Bill Captured
AMS Meteor Shower Report
Home Footage reported to AMS of bright light
Google Earth Circle Indentations years prior
AlienSociety51 Twitter and OpenSea Accounts
Angel’s Not Missing TikTok